Bobbi Winema Yogatama

me Bobbi Winema Yogatama
Graduate Student (Computer Science)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

bwyogatama cs wisc edu
yogatama wisc edu
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I am a second-year Computer Science graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison . My research interests are in database for emerging hardware and cloud database. Currently, I am working with Prof. Xiangyao Yu from Wisconsin DB Group to study database analytics in hybrid CPU+GPU systems.

During my first-year in Wisconsin, I worked with Prof. Matthew Sinclair and Prof. Michael Swift on Multi-GPU scheduling. Prior to Wiscosin, I was a remote research student at the University of Chicago where I was advised by Prof. Yanjing Li to work on robust machine learning accelerator.

I received my BS in Electrical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology in 2018.

I spent the summer of 2017 at CERN (Europe Organization for Nuclear Researches) in the ALICE Detector Control Systems group and was advised by Dr. Ombretta Pinazza.

For more information on what I do, see my publication list.